Featured Theatrical Performance

Elly award nominated (Best Male Lead Actor in a Drama - Jason Markiewitz) production also earning a total of 10 awards for Outstanding Achievement in a Drama Production

The Mysterious Affair at Styles (2018)

The story takes place in 1917 England. Back from the war, Captain Arthur Hastings (Brennan Villados) convalesces at Styles Court. But when the lady of the house suspiciously dies, the tranquil manor turns treacherous. The cause is murder and the killer could be anyone: her unappealing new husband, her troublesome son, the blunt female groundskeeper, even the local toxicologist. Enter Hercule Poirot (Jason Markiewitz), a brilliant Belgian refugee making his debut as Agatha Christie’s detective extraordinaire, who, in this original adaptation, applies his famous “little gray cells” to the seemingly unsolvable mystery.


JASON MARKIEWITZ as Hercule Poirot
BRENNAN VILLADOS as Capt. Hastings
WESLEY MURPHY as Alfred Inglethorp
NANETTE RICE as Emily Inglethorp


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