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Review posted 19 May 2022

The Russian Who Saved the World: A Novel of the Cuban Missile Crisis by career respected military-man turned talented author Steven E. Maffeo is a gripping and captivating story that explores the events during the month of October 1962. Jason Markiewitz...reads expertly and enthusiastically, he infuses the action with urgency and authenticity by assigning each of the main characters different voices and natural accents. This is not my first contact with Jason‘s work and I always like the way he brings these performances to life. Jason is an excellent voiceover artist and I can see a bright future in front of him, especially because it is very clear that a lot of time, research, and patience has been put into the way he pronounces the Russian words for this novel. Written with care...The Russian Who Saved the World is immersive, intriguing, and extremely entertaining.If you are a fan of the Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy, you will surely love this adventure set under the turbulent seas, in a time when a third World War could have started with just a push of a button.

Review posted 20 July 2021

Review posted 7 Jan 2021

Review posted 13 Mar 2021

"The audiobook version of The Walking Y is expertly performed with talent and emotion by voiceover artist and award-winning narrator Jason Markiewitz.Jason perfectly captures all the nuances of the story and manages to bring each of the characters to life in the listener’s mind with distinct voices and accents. He reads, acts, infuses the action with urgency and emotion at just the right time.I absolutely loved his performance for this work and I will be sure to check him out in the future, as well.Sharply written, filled with credible characters, great action and pushed forward by an interesting plot, The Walking Y written by Jeter Isely will appeal to fans of westerns everywhere! Add to that the superb narration from Jason Markiewitz, and you have on your hands a winner."