Christmas Audio Dramas

Official Nominee for the 6th Annual Audio Theater Central "Seneca" Awards!

Three Christmas Trees earned two nominations including Best Cover Art and People's Choice!

Markiewitz Audioworks is proud to present a selection of Christmas themed productions beginning with the largest cast work to date: Three Christmas Trees.  

Sound effects were independently created by Markiewitz Audioworks except as noted in the audio file of each work.  All licensed effects are properly attributed for commercial use per the CC-BY license.

Scores for these productions is created by Hayden Folker.  Additional music is derived from Commercial non-attribution sources.

Cover art is exclusively contracted to graphic designer Jon Markiewitz whose talents far exceeded expectations for the Raven and who earned an exclusive contract for all following titles.


Three Christmas Trees (Released on YouTube: 10 Dec 2022)

Written/Directed by: Jason Markiewitz

Voiced by: Jason Markiewitz, Martin Beadle, Trina Deuhart, Charlie Everly, Richard Gibson, Sharon Grunwald, Brian Jeffords, Lessa Nosko, Rachel Pulliam, Trisha Rose, Jay Silver, Patrick Vierzba, and Kyle Wright

Based on the Story by: Juliana Horatia Ewing

Cover art by: Jon Markiewitz

Music by: Hayden Folker

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Also showing on Mutual Audio Network & Audio Theatre Central!

Behind the Scenes: This was the first production where Casting was done online with international actors.  Additionally, the carolers were all individual but two of them, Sharon Grunwald and Lessa Nosko provided harmonized parts which really enhanced the caroling sequences.  

Full-Cast Audio Dramatization (2022)

Cover Reveal (2022)

Clip #1: "The Boy and the Professor" (2022)

Clip #2: "The Bird is an English Robin" (2022)

A Visit From St. Nicholas (Released on YouTube: 25 Dec 2022)

Directed by: Jason Markiewitz

Voiced by: Jason Markiewitz with Brian Jeffords as St. Nick

Based on the Story by: Clement Clarke Moore

Cover art by: Markiewitz Audioworks

Music by: Hayden Folker

Available on

Also showing on Mutual Audio Network & Audio Theatre Central!

Behind the Scenes: Brian did such a wonderful job as the Professor in "Three Christmas Trees" and his voice was just perfect for the namesake of this story we had to bring him back for one more show! It's a quick, short, but beautifully crafted story that kids can enjoy before bed.  The music from Hayden Folker was re-used from sequences in Three Christmas Trees as it fit so perfectly into this Christmas story as well.  Our hope is that this story is played in homes across America on Christmas and helps keep the spirit of Christmas alive in kids from 1 to 92 (and even older!).

Full-Cast Audio Dramatization (2022)