The Poe Project - 2021/2022

Markiewitz Audioworks is proud to present a selection of works from one of our favorite American authors, Edgar Allan Poe. This Full-Cast audio dramatization began with an early script written by Jason Markiewitz in 2011, then brought full force to the audio drama world a decade later. With the added vocal talent of good friend and fellow Sacramento Thespian Brennan Villados, Jason embarked upon a journey to bring the Poe Project to life.

Sound effects were independently created by Markiewitz Audioworks except as noted in the audio file of each work. All licensed effects are properly attributed for commercial use per the CC-BY license.

Music is used in these productions under the Creative Commons attribution license (CC-BY) and are properly attributed in the audio files of each work.

Cover art is exclusively contracted to graphic designer Jon Markiewitz whose talents far exceeded expectations for the Raven and who earned an exclusive contract for all following Poe Project titles.


The Cast & Crew of the Award Nominated "The Cask of Amontillado"

Jason Markiewitz


Brennan Villados

Blake Flores

Victoria Markiewitz

Nathan Colburn

Jon Markiewitz

Graphic Artist

Hayden Folker


The Raven (Released: 8 Jul 2021)

Written/Directed by: Jason Markiewitz

Voiced by: Jason Markiewitz, Brennan Villados, Victoria Markiewitz (as the voice of Lenore)

Cover art by: Jon Markiewitz

Music by: Hayden Folker

Available on CD and MP3

Behind the Scenes: The Raven is a one-person poem, told from the perspective of the storyteller. To turn this into an audio drama, the script was creatively re-written to give the storyteller a voice, to cover the gaps with gothic narration, to give Lenore a presence (including her own voice) and to give the Raven a "believable" yet ghostly vocal persona. Sounds were internally developed (with a couple of them licensed and attributed), music was licensed, and the end product was a unique adaptation of Poe's most lauded and revered work.

Sneak Peek (2021)

The Cask of Amontillado (Released: 31 Oct 2021)

  • Top-5 Nominee for the 5th Annual Audio Theatre Central (ATC) Seneca Awards, 2022

Written/Directed by: Jason Markiewitz

Voiced by: Brennan Villados (Montresor), Jason Markiewitz (Fortunato), Blake Flores (Priest), Nathan Colburn (Male Attendant), Victoria Markiewitz (Female Attendant)

Cover art by: Jon Markiewitz

Music by: Hayden Folker

Available on CD and MP3

Behind the Scenes: The Cask of Amontillado is one of my favorite all-time stories. There is so much to unpack here with the way we are recording this audio drama! The question of why Montresor is so vengeful against Fortunato is answered, yet still vague, intending to remain true to the way Poe crafted his tale. Also, the 50-year difference in time from the "telling of the story" to the act itself is uniquely woven into this story in a way that, to the best of my research and knowledge, has not been done before. Finally, the addition of the attendants serves to give more than a single line in the story explaining why the attendants are not at the house when Montresor brings his victim home. With original sound effects and music, you will definitely enjoy this unique telling of a classic tale.

Official Trailer (2022)

Manuscript Found in a Bottle (Released: 31 Oct on YouTube)

  • An incredible Nautical Dramatization offered for FREE on our YouTube Channel in its entirety!

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Written/Directed by: Jason Markiewitz

Voiced by: Jason Markiewitz

Music by: Hayden Folker

Available on the Markiewitz Audioworks Presents YouTube Channel

Behind the Scenes: This is one of Poe's lesser known, and definitely lesser appreciated works, though I found it fascinating when I read it. The story follows a young man who leaves his home to travel the world. He boards a ship in Java and in short order, gets caught up in a hurricane that essentially scuttles the ship and kills the crew. Only he and a Swedish passenger survive. Then, while caught in a storm a ghostly ship ten times the size of theirs emerges from the deep. The smaller ship is no match for the larger and the young man is catapulted aboard the ghost ship during the battle. He soon finds that the captain and crew are entranced, that the ship is pushed by providence, and that he is likely on a one way voyage to the end of his life. With sounds, music, and some creative voice-over work, you're sure to count this among your favorites!

Full Audio Drama on YouTube (2021)

The Tell-Tale Heart (In Post-Production, Release Date September 2022)

Written/Directed by: Jason Markiewitz

Voiced by: Jason Markiewitz (Edward Valentine, Officers Kent and Wallace), Brennan Villados (Mr. Graves / Sgt. O'Toole), Lia Rose (Homeless Woman in the Barn)

Cover art by: Jon Markiewitz

Music by: Hayden Folker

Available soon on CD and MP3

Behind the Scenes: The Tell-Tale Heart is a story of maniacal rage and the difficulty of keeping such a horrific crime a secret...especially when your conscience gets the better of you. To bring a unique feel to this classic tale, we gave the characters names, brought a new introduction and opening sequence to the story, and took some of the narration to develop interesting dialogue between the characters. The introduction of the homeless woman at the beginning of the story, and then re-visited at the end, gives our production a new feel and helps to capture the killer's ultimate demise.

Official Trailer (2022)

Masque of the Red Death (In Production - 2022)